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Our in-stock range of over 1, 000 new and refurbished battery chargers for industry and transport, plus a repair service from TES's highly skilled electrical and electronics specialists, make Traction Electrical Services quite simply - the Best in the Business.

"A Battery and charger broken down means an immobilised vehicle and an unemployed operator. We offer quite simply the best service there is to keep your vehicles and your company on the move."

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On the electronics side, TES carry a full range of charger control systems. Putting the customer first means that we can also offer controllers refurbished by our own electronics department, saving on manufacturer's list prices.

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"We understand your problems and as far as our workforce is concerned, service is the name of the game - we are here to help you."

For the company looking for economy - take a look at a TES refurbished charger complete with six-month guarantee.TES can supply a completely rebuilt charger. The top to toe overhaul by TES specialist engineers includes a re-sprayed cabinet, which houses a charger brought completely up to modern specifications with repacked and reinsulated windings, new circuit breakers, diodes and switches and a new electronic control system.

TES are also a leading trade and retail outlet for new chargers and are agents for all leading British manufacturers.

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TES will also supply workshop-checked chargers in first class working order. The complete ranges of traction and semitraction batteries are also available from TES services.

Mobile phones and well-organised service fleet and an office that is always manned means that the TES teams are just a minute from your fingertips.

Company History

Keeping the customer's needs in mind is the philosophy, which has helped Tony and Sal Clarke build up the TES reputation over the last 35 years.

The company moved to their current headquarters near Wotton-Under- Edge, only minutes from the M5 and M4 motorways, twenty years ago - since when the business has gone from strength to strength.

Tony Clarke believes that electrically powered vehicles in warehouses, on the streets and in the leisure industry are the way forward.

Environmentally they are far more acceptable and economically they are kinder on the customer's purse.

TES were the first company to specialise in battery chargers. They are still the biggest supplier of refurbished chargers in the country and would like to add you to their growing list of satisfied customers.

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