Introducing the New Patented Non-Corrosive and Impact Resistant Battery Charger Unit from
Traction Electrical Services.

The TITAN range of chargers is a new concept in case design, it is far more cost effective than the old steel panel casing, its stronger construction and non-corrosive qualities will out last any steel panel type case saving you money that could be needed else ware in your line of business

Below is a comparison between the TITAN Unit and the present steel panel type charger case, we think you will be impressed by it.



High Impact Resistance (Virtually Unbreakable).


Colour through out composite (A wide range of colours available)..

Quiet due to minimal vibration (Electrical components run at a cooler temperature due to this).

Fork pockets for easy movement.

You can reallocate existing charger from any manufacturer into the Tes unit.

Steel panel type

Impact resistant-No Even the smallest impact can cause damage to the case, plus the chance of the panel comming into contact with internal components rendering the unit unsafe.

Non-corrosive-No The smallest scratch on the paint work will open the case up to corrosion.

Vibration is high Due to transformer vibration through case, this also increases running tempature.

If you donít want to continue having your units come back like the picture on the left, why not contact us for more information on the TITAN 500,TITAN 1000 or the TITAN 2000. We will only be pleased to help.

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